I can't begin to tell you how important photography is to me. The excitement, love, smiles that you all share with me are unforgettable.

I’m so happy you have let me be a part of your life.


Who I am really can't be summed up in a couple of paragraphs but I'll try.

I'm a momma to two crazy, wild-hearted girls and four fluffy Golden Retrievers. I am a wife and best friend to my soul mate. 

I love to dance and sing and make a fool of myself; it's not uncommon for me to belt out "Let it go" or your kiddos favorite theme song during a session. 

I LOVE life and believe that kindness can make this world a better place. I'm a huge fan of the imperfect. Messy faces, dirty floors; all signs that life is happening right now.

I'm a dreamer, a wannabe traveler and a beauty seeker. I love elephants, Harry Potter, and soy sauce. My hope is to travel with my family to Ireland and Colorado- maybe not in that order- but for now I just want to teach my children that beauty can be found all around us. I want them to be happy above all else.

Let me be a part of your family. Let me capture your real, your beautiful, your imperfect. Together we can make the world a better place- one photograph and one memory at a time.