Love stories are my favorite

Love has been a common theme in my life lately; from my husband and I celebrating four years of marriage to photographing some of the sweetest couples I have ever met. There is something so special about everyday love. The kind that is so comfortable and natural yet surprises you every now and then by how electrifying it can be. The kind of love that withstands storms and hardships and happy tears and 3 am dances in the living room. Thats the kind of love that I have found and the kind of love that, I feel, like my clients have. 

Edna and Mugsy have been married for twenty-eight years; TWENTY-EIGHT years! in a world where divorce is common place, this is a huge feat. I have known them for so long and I admire the love they have for one another. Its long-lasting, filled with humor, a few eye rolls and lots and lots of love. 

Taylor and William are about to start another chapter of their love story by becoming husband and wife. When I first met Taylor, I asked her to describe their love and she used the word "weird". I love this because I feel like it is so true and so honest. Each love story is unique, full of different memories and personalities, and so, so weird. As I was editing their engagement pictures I could not stop smiling. The love that Taylor and William have is so apparent. I can't wait to help them capture their lives together and see that sweet boy of theirs in October.