Got a good ol' friend here with me tonight so I guess I'm doing alright


I remember putting on talent shows in Meagan's living room and making her mom and dad watch them. I remember cleaning her room numerous times (your house looks great in comparison btw, lol). I remember wrecking her go-kart (goodness knows I've always been a bad driver). And last week I had the honor of meeting her sweet newborn baby boy and capturing moments that they could cherish forever.

I love seeing Meagan and Stephen hold Chevy; it is love in its purest form. You can tell that they tend to his every need, give him more love than he could ever know and more attention than he could ever need. And he gives them so much in return. That sweet smile that he makes as he falls asleep that let's them know he is content, that way that he looks up at them and they know that he can see them and he adores them, and the way that just by being there he has given them the most special gift of all: parenthood. 

I tried to capture those moments for them because they are oh so fleeting. Before they know it, he will be crawling and talking and one day soon back-talking (we've all been there). I hope you all cherish your photos like I cherish the time we spent making them. Meagan and Stephen, you all are amazing parents! I love all three of you!