Senior Nostalgia

Last Saturday I had my first senior sessions. Yes, I said sessions; I had two. Now, you all know that I love my babies and children, but there is definitely something special about my seniors. This milestone, my friends, is a big one.

I remember being a senior, feeling on top of the world (and like I knew everything…boy was I wrong). Filling out college applications, picking out a prom dress, wondering what I wanted to do with my life. Its been 8 years but I still feel the excitement, anticipation, that elation. I also remember being so sad. I’ve always been crazy aware of how fast life goes by and I try to cherish every moment.

I remember sitting at graduation, tears streaming down my face as they played song after song about goodbyes and listened to speeches about where our lives were going to go (why do they torture us tender hearted people for, lol).

My seniors on Saturday brought a lot of those feelings back up. If I had to give advice to them or advice to myself when I was their age I would say to live more in the moment. I was so worried about where I was going that I forgot to enjoy where I was at. I would also tell them to not be afraid to choose a different path; even if that path involves not going to school or traveling or doing something you never thought you would do.

Life goes by too fast. Before you know it you will be finding your soul mate, getting married, having kids. Take it all in; every breath. Live in the moment before it is gone.

Here are some photos of the awesome seniors I was able to meet along my journey. Good luck to you all and the rest of the 2018 class.